Happy birthday, Mae West!

Mae WestKnown for always being ahead of the curve, Mary Jane West was a vaudeville performer, comedienne and Hollywood actress born on August 17 of 1893. She wrote risky plays dealing with sexual themes and social taboos, an endeavor which gained her numerous encounters with the law.

Her debut in films arrived with Paramount Pictures’ Night after night, and afterwards she adapted many of her controversially foxy stage roles to the screen, always under the restrictive scrutiny of the censors.

Still, West managed to create memorably transgressive female characters, whilst maintaining her cheeky humor and unique charm.

She passed away on November 22 of 1980, after working in television, Broadway and even radio.


Musical filmography: (*)

She done him wrong (1933)

I’m no angel (1933)

Belle of the nineties (1934)

Goin’ to town (1935)

Klondike Annie (1936)

Go west young man (1936)

Every day’s a holiday (1937)

The heat’s on (1943)

Myra Breckinridge (1970)

Sextette (1978)



(*) Many of her films weren’t musicals per se. However, she did perform musical numbers in some of them.




V. Wonka




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