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Monsters and songs: the Dionysian brothers of cinema

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon that old meme which divides moviegoers into three groups: those who love gory films, those who love musicals, and a minute amount of people who enjoy both, classified as serial killers. At first I chuckled, given the irony of the situation -I had just watched a gory […]

Classifying the musical (Part II)

Another common approach to the categorization of the musical is the historical taxonomy. Usually the musical is divided into two groups: the classic musical and the contemporary musical. The term ‘classic musical’ is often used in reference to old-style films produced since the early days of the genre up until the sixties, whilst ‘contemporary musical’ […]

Classifying the musical (Part I)

To the unenthusiastic lot that abhors the sight –and sound- of musicals, there’s no deeper sin than its’ proneness to make its’ characters burst into song and dance abruptly. To us, musical-loving freaks, that’s not a matter of concern at all. But do all musicals operate like that? Not really. There are many types of […]

Upcoming musicals

 Much has been said about the cinematographic musical’s impending demise. From the moment of its birth, it has lived through many ups and downs, always being the object of either fanatical worship or unrelenting hatred from critics and audiences alike. It seems that in 1996, with the premiere of Evita, a new wave of musicals […]