If you want a place where you can publish your reviews, essays, vlogs or random thoughts, Shall we dance blog will gladly accept your submissions.


Guidelines for sharing a Guest Post on Shall we dance blog

–        Any content from any length and media is accepted, but it must be related somehow to musicals or music and film.

–        The content doesn’t need to be original, although it would be ideal.

–        We’ll accept a maximum of two links back to your blog: one for the main site, and one for a social network of your choosing or the site where the post was first published.

–        We’ll accept a maximum of two images. Please avoid explicit displays of sexuality and violence.

–        Any content which promotes any type of discriminatory instigations due to sexuality, race, gender, etc. will be rejected instantly.

–        The posts must not contain any kind of profitmaking intention, since our blog remains a free, non-commercial space.

–        Please make sure you revise the style of our posts. Grammatical aptness is required to be published in our blog.


If you agree with this conditions, send us your post using the contact form bellow. If you have any questions, write to us at shallwedanceblog@hotmail.com.

We’ll examine your post as soon as possible and contact you back.






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