More casting news

First, we have exciting news from the stage-to-screen adaptation of Jersey Boys. According to Deadline, actor Christopher Walken will be amongst the few Hollywood stars to participate in Clint Eastwood’s feature film. Walken will play Angelo Gyp DeCarlo, a role played on stage by Mark Lotito and Stuart Milligan.

‘Into the Woods’ loses one of the Princes

According to TheWrap actor Jake Gyllenhaal, who was in negotiations to play Cinderella’s Prince in the upcoming movie adaptation of the musical Into the Woods, has left the project so he could commit completely to the independent film Nightcrawler. Although the actor intended to take part in both movies scheduling conflicts are preventing him from […]

Huttlestone will play “Jack”

The adaptation of the stage musical Into the Woods is happening, and the latest addition to the cast seems to be young actor Daniel Huttlestone, whom incarnated the brave and feisty Gavroche in Les Misérables (2012). Huttlestone will play the role of Jack, from the tale of Jack and the beanstalk, a role originated by […]