A great Christmas day for musicals

Les Misérables premiered on December 25th, and it’s already making headlines by becoming the 2nd best Christmas opening gross ever with $ 18,111,665 earned in 2,808 theaters. But how has it been for other musicals?   Well, according to Box Office Mojo, the best opening day for a musical belongs to High School Musical 3: […]

Les Mis is 11 days away

Christmas is just around the corner, which means the official premiere of Les Misérables is only days away. The reviews are emerging swiftly, ranging from “a musical for the ages” to “tasteless bombardment”, but one thing is certain: Tom Hooper’s directing hasn’t convinced most of the critics. Praise has come for many of the actors, […]

Tracklist from Les Misérables’ soundtrack

Finally we get to know which songs made it to the commercialized soundtrack of the film:     Notably absent are songs like Lovely ladies, Do you hear the people sing?, Every day, and many others. The wrath amongst diehard fans of the musical has already made itself known through comments on the Facebook page […]

‘I dreamed a dream’ double feature: musical news 26/11/12

Today we bring you news of two upcoming film musicals related to the infamous song “I dreamed a dream”.   Evidently, Les Misérables is the first one of these. The movie has yet to be released, yet early screenings are already taking place –amongst a bit of controversy, for one of the previews was hosted […]