5 things we learned from the full trailer for Into the Woods

5 things we learned from the full trailer for “Into the Woods”

With the brand new character posters and the first official full length trailer released this past week, it seems like everyone is hyped about the stage-to-screen version of one of Sondheim’s most famous musicals. A stunning visual design, great performances and faithfulness to the source material, are some of the things the fans expect from […]

SWDb picks: Great Non-Disney Animated Movie Musicals

SWDb picks: Great Non-Disney Animated Movie Musicals

When it comes to animated movie musicals, the first studio which will most likely come to mind is Disney. In its earlier days, the company set the standards for future animated films, and furthermore solidified the bond between animation and musicals as part of their trademark.

SWDb picks: Top 5 best underrated songs from Disney’s animated musicals

Frozen, Disney’s latest animated musical endeavor, and its now widely celebrated title song, Let it go, have made movie history by recently becoming the highest animated film of all time, whereas the song and soundtrack have even made their way into the top Billboard charts.