Classifying the musical (Part I)

To the unenthusiastic lot that abhors the sight –and sound- of musicals, there’s no deeper sin than its’ proneness to make its’ characters burst into song and dance abruptly. To us, musical-loving freaks, that’s not a matter of concern at all. But do all musicals operate like that? Not really. There are many types of […]

Bullock out of ‘Annie’ remake

  Much has been speculated about Sandra Bullock’s possible involvement in the remake of Annie as Mrs. Hannigan. However, the long-lasting negotiations between the actress and the studio –Sony– have ended today, and she will not be playing the part in the upcoming movie. A pity, really, since the actress is a fine comedian and […]

Long overdue apology

Dear friends and followers:   I’m terribly sorry.   I´ve been absent for months now, and I’ve been detached from the entire musical panorama, thus failing at providing you with news, reviews, etc. It turns out my life as a student has been quite hectic lately, and my community service –unfortunately a horrible obligation for […]