Into the Woods: Teaser Trailer Review

Disney has finally released the first teaser trailer for their stage-to-screen adaptation of Into the Wood, showing most of the cast and very little of the actual plot.


Into the Woods: Teaser Trailer Review

The first teaser trailer for Into the Woods starts with only a few chords hinting at the marvelous musical penned by Stephen Sondheim, and swiftly shows a speedy view at many of the tale’s characters and iconic places.

Visually, the film looks incredibly promising. It managed to capture the inherent darkness of the tale and translate it into the design of the sets –an amalgam of a few real locations and plenty of digital effects- and the performances of most of the cast. Nonetheless, two aspects seem troublesome to many Sondheim fans: the lack of singing characters, and the solemnity of what little we saw.

Into The Woods Teaser Trailer ReviewThis first teaser seems eerily reminiscent of the trailers released for Burton’s adaptation of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007), which hid the musical aspect of the movie to the oblivious viewers almost entirely, an aspect which truly hurt the film at the box office –although it received mostly positive reviews from critics.

The uniquely dark humor was also slightly absent from Burton’s adaptation, an element which Sondheim purists detested, and which seems to ensue again in this snippet. Nonetheless, Disney’s marketing campaign might be choosing to focus on the mystery and obscurity of the tale during a first stage. Only a full official trailer will tell!

This first teaser trailer for Into the Woods cleverly hides both the full plot and some of the characters from the audience, making it an intriguing first look at what appears to be the most anticipated movie of the holiday season.



What did you think about this first teaser trailer for Into the Woods? Did it make you yearn for more?


V. Wonka



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