Happy birthday, Mickey Rooney!

Mickey Rooney

Born Ninian Joseph Yule Jr., the New York City comedian was part of a family of vaudeville actors, and he participated in their shows with only months of age. After moving to Kansas due to family complications he was recruited to act in small Hollywood films until he was casted as Mickey McGuire for a series of short-films.

After signing a contract with MGM, he was selected to play the role of Andy Hardy in A Family Affair, and his portrayal was so successful the studio demanded more. He made a little more than a dozen Andy Hardy films, and was even paired with Judy Garland as her romantic interest.

After returning from the war, his passage from teen-star to adult actor was unsuccessful. The nation wasn’t as interested in musicals as before, and Rooney was forced to take refuge in TV and small productions. However, he’s returned to the big screen recently, and is a fruitful Broadway actor.

His career has been longer and prolific than many of his peers, and he’s been honored with a Lifetime Achievement Academy Award for his contribution to the arts.



Musical Filmography

Broadway to Hollywood (1933)

Beloved (1934)

I like it that way (1934)

Reckless (1935)

Thoroughbreds don’t cry (1937)

Babes in arms (1939)

Strike up the band (1940)

Babes on Broadway (1941)

Thousands cheer (1943)

Girl crazy (1943)

Summer holiday (1948)

Words and music (1948)

All ashore (1953)

How to stuff a wild bikini (1965)

The Muppets (2011)


V. Wonka




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