This week’s movie musical news: ‘Annie’ casting, ‘Miss Saigon’ adaptation and more…


Actor Bobby Cannavale (Lovelace, Blue Jasmine) joins the cast of the new film version of the musical Annie, playing a political advisor for Foxx´s character, who is running for mayor of New York (BWW). On the other hand, Rose Byrne, Cannavale’s real life sweetheart, also confirmed her involvement with the film, in which she’ll play the role of Grace.





Another casting news comes from the stage-to-screen adaptation of Jersey Boys. Director Clint Eastwood seems set on bringing stage performers familiarized with the material to reprise their roles in the movie. The newest addition is actress Renee Marino, who is currently playing the character of Mary Delgado on the Broadway version of the musical, and will move on to incarnate it in the big screen.

The role was originated by Jennifer Naimo during the original Broadway production, and has also been played by actresses Suzy Bastone and Nicola Brazil.




Finally, it seems like director and producer Lee Daniels (Precious, The Butler) is working in three new projects: a Janis Joplin biopic, a horror film, and bringing the much beloved musical Miss Saigon to the big screen. Since the project is still in the early stages of development, it will take some time before we start getting details about casting or changes to the original material.

If you have any ideas about who should play the title role, then leave a comment below and share your thoughts!



V. Wonka



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