Happy birthday, Bert Lahr!


Born Irving Lahrheim on August 13 of 1895, this beloved comedian was a high school dropout who enrolled in a vaudeville act and made his way into Broadway and Hollywood, debuting in the film Flying High.

Today he is remembered with affection as The Cowardly Lion from The Wizard of Oz, a stunt which became the highest point of his film career.

He received a Tony award for his participation in the musical Foxy, and continued working in TV movies and series as well as theatre, until he passed away on December 4 of 1967.

Music filmography:

Flying High (1931)

Merry go round of 1938 (1937)

Love and hisses (1937)

Josette (1938)

Just around the corner (1938)

The Wizard of Oz (1939)

Sing your worries away (1942)

Ship ahoy (1942)

Meet the people (1944)

Rose Marie (1954)

The second greatest sex (1955)

V. Wonka




2 thoughts on “Happy birthday, Bert Lahr!

  1. I love this clip, especially after Dorothy smacks his nose and she tries to hide her smile (or giggle) when he asks if his nose is bleeding (about 1:00 in). I’m sure it was hard to keep a straight face with Lahr doing what he does best. Thanks for the post!

    • It really must have been quite difficult for Garland! Lahr was marvelous as The Cowardly Lion.

      According to the IMDb:

      ‘While filming the scene where Dorothy slaps the Cowardly Lion, Judy Garland got the giggles so badly that they had to take a break in shooting. The director, Victor Fleming, took her aside, gave her a quick lecture, and then slapped her. She returned to the set and filmed the scene in one take (…) In the film she can still be seen to be stifling a smile between the lines “Well, of course not” and “My, what a fuss you’re making”‘

      Thanks for reading! 🙂

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