Happy birthday, Jack Haley!

Actor Jack Haley (circa 1930's)

Born on August 10, 1989, John Joseph Haley Jr. was a charming vaudeville actor and comedian who participated in numerous films, including several musicals.

He is best remembered as The Tin Man and his alter ego, Hickory, from The Wizard of Oz, a role he obtained after fellow comedian Buddy Ebsen presented an allergic reaction to the aluminum powder used to create the look of the character, thus having to resign.


Music filmography:

Follow thru (1930)

Sitting pretty (1933)

Redheads on parade (1935)

The girl friend (1935)

Coronado (1935)

Poor little rich girl (1936)

Pigskin parade (1936)

Pick a star (1937)

Wake up and live (1937)

Ali Baba goes to town (1937)

Alexander’s ragtime band (1938)

The Wizard of Oz (1939)

Moon over Miami (1941)

Navy blues (1941)

Higher and higher (1943)

Take it big (1944)

George White’s scandals (1945)

Sing your way home (1945)

People are funny (1946)

New York, New York (1977)



V. Wonka



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