Happy birthday, Esther Williams!


Born on August 8th of 1921, Esther Jane Williams was the picture of elegance and grace. After gaining attention for her swimming abilities, she was recruited by MGM to star in the film Andy Hardy’s Double Life alongside Mickey Rooney.

Soon, Williams was prompted to participate in numerous musicals, often displaying her remarkable skills in the water, and becoming the protagonist of what would later be known as Aqua Musicals.

She retired in 1960 after the decline of the genre, and passed away on June of 2013.



Musical filmography:


Bathing Beauty (1944)

Thrill of a romance (1945)

Ziegfield follies (1945)

Easy to wed (1946)

‘Till the clouds roll by (1946)

Fiesta (1947)

This time for keeps (1947)

On an Island with you (1948)

Take me out of the ball game (1949)

Neptune’s daughter (1949)

Duchess of Idaho (1950)

Pagan love song (1950)

Skirts ahoy! (1952)

Million dollar mermaid (1952)

Dangerous when wet (1953)

Easy to love (1953)




V. Wonka




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