“Muppets Most Wanted” first trailer!

The first teaser trailer for Disney’s Muppets Most Wanted has been released today, featuring a first look at Ricky Gervais, Tina Fey and Ty Burrell, as well as some of our favorite Muppets.

The movie will be a sequel to Disney’s reboot of the franchise: The Muppets, released in 2011 with Amy Adams and Jason Segel as the human protagonists of the tale. Both actors are notably absent from the film, whilst James Bobin returns as both writer and director.



The question in everyone’s minds is: when will The Muppet Show be brought back to life?



From 1976 to 1981, The Muppet Show was a marvelous playhouse in which the abilities of many renowned individuals was showcased. Joel Grey, Rita Moreno, Bernadette Peters, Elton John, Gene Kelly and so many others, entertained children –and adults- with musical numbers and comedic routines.

Nowadays, the show is a distant memory for kids who grew up admiring the actors, musicians and artists who performed with Kermit, Animal and Miss Piggy. With so many shows led by characters desperately looking for fame and success, maybe this generation needs to be reminded of the simple joy of performing and having fun which The Muppet Show celebrated.

What stood out about The Muppet Show was that it was a stage for new –and not-so-new- talent to show their gifts, without turning into a competition a la American Idol. It familiarized children with legends, codes and different types of entertainment, from action films to Broadway acts.

Since the resurrection of the show seems far from materializing, we’ll have to settle with drowning in nostalgia as we wait for the latest film -which will premiere in 2014- and watch the short sketches displayed through their YouTube channel.



V. Wonka




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