Happy birthday, Louis Armstrong!

larmstrongToday we celebrate the birthday anniversary of one of the most fantastic American artists: Louis Daniel Armstrong. He was born on August 4th of 1901, and passed away in 1971.  


In the midst of racial hatred and a very complicated childhood,  Armstrong turned to music and soon began working in jazz bands and cabarets until he was hired by Kid Ory to play in his orchestra. Recognition didn’t take long to arrive, and his well-deserved fame grew rapidly thanks to his amazing talent and charisma.


Known as SatchmoSatchelmouth and Pops, he quickly turned into a favorite amongst jazz lovers worldwide. He was in very high demand, and the entertainment industry fawned over him with upmost love. Armstrong even participated in quite a few musicals, playing small roles or acting as himself in short -but wonderful- cameos.


Happy birthday, Pops!


Musical filmography:


– Pennies from heaven (1936)

– Artists & Models (1937)

– Dr Rhythm (1938)

– Going places (1938)

– Cabin in the sky (1943)

 Jam session (1944)

– New Orleans (1947)

 A song is born (1948)

– Here comes the groom (1951)

– The Glenn Miller story (1954)

– High society (1956)

– Kærlighedens melodi (1959)

 The five pennies (1959)

– When the boys meet the girls (1965)

 Hello, Dolly! (1969)


V. Wonka 




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