A political satire: ´Liberty’s secret´

While Hollywood still struggles to conquer a long-lost territory in the production of musical films, independent and rising filmmakers have continued the tradition with upmost enthusiasm.

Some days ago we mentioned an interesting initiative called Zombie musical, a film entirely funded by voluntary contributions through the internet. Another similar campaign is being promoted by professor and composer Andy Kirshner, from the University of Michigan, whom wishes to create a controversial feature length musical entirely funded by online donations.

The musical, titled Liberty’s secret, would tell the story of a successful female politician called Liberty Smith who falls in love with her PR coach, whom just happens to be a girl. A problematic attraction, since Liberty comes from a very conservative family.

The movie wants to provide a backstage approach to the gritty nature of politics, as well as connecting with a generation which is desperately yearning for equality.

U.M. graduates Devon Perry and Alli Brown are the chosen actresses to bring life to Kirshner’s vision, and the funding campaign has already collected nine thousand dollars.

Shooting has begun, but there’s still a long way to go, so if you’re interested in collaborating just visit their site and leave a donation.

V. Wonka




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