Eye-catching musicals for this year

After the deafening buzz of excitement left by Les Misérables during 2012, the present year might seem a little less musical and a lot more action-adventure packed. Still, going through the list of upcoming musicals for 2013, we’ve handpicked the four titles we’re looking forward to the most:


4. Metallica through the never

An odd mixture of concert-film and generic narrative, the movie seems to be a promising visual and musical experience. It will tell the story of young Trip, a Metallica fan who is sent on a bizarre adventure as he approaches the arena in which the band is performing. Though it doesn’t seem particularly memorable or original, it does look like a nice entertaining musical product to sit back and enjoy.

Release date: August, 9th.




3. Know how

The film will tell the story of five teenagers and their experience within the New York foster care structure. What makes it markedly different is that the young actors truly do come from the system, which might give the film a touch of biographic worth, although it might jeopardize the acting quality of the film. All in all, it sounds like a noteworthy independent endeavor.

Release date: not set.



2. Black Nativity

The film will probably be the most star-studded musical of the year, with talents such as Jennifer Hudson, Angela Bassett and Forest Whitaker amongst the top-billed cast. Although the story might seem tremendously cliché and exceedingly sentimental, the musical performances will most likely not be disappointing, as can be seen in the first trailer.

Release date: November, 27th.




1. Frozen

After the success of Enchanted, Disney finally returned to what Disney does best: animated musicals. The Princess and the Frog was a questionable success, whilst Tangled captured audiences all over the globe with their charming heroine and its’ classic Disney music. Now the company bets on the musical once again for their newest adventure based on Hans Christian Andersen’s tale The Snow Queen, and featuring the talented voices of Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff and Santino Fontana, Broadway alumni whom are certain to deliver great performances.

Release date: November, 27th.





V. Wonka




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