Bullock out of ‘Annie’ remake

  Much has been speculated about Sandra Bullock’s possible involvement in the remake of Annie as Mrs. Hannigan. However, the long-lasting negotiations between the actress and the studio –Sony– have ended today, and she will not be playing the part in the upcoming movie. A pity, really, since the actress is a fine comedian and […]

Remakes, adaptations and interesting choices – A musical news bulletin

After six months of absence there’s a lot of catching up to do, and just like we’ve promised: we’re on it. Indie filmmaker Martin Guigui will be directing the musical Crazy for the boys, written by Brian Lukow. The film will tell the archetypical story of an all-girls band and its’ ups and downs, and […]

Can you feel the biopic tonight?

From the very start, cinematographic musicals have been one of the most favored vehicles of telling the lives and experiences of big Broadway and Hollywood names. The lives of singers, composers and choreographers have graced the big screen with the added make-believe and charm of musicals. Now, it seems that the musical biopic will be […]

Long overdue apology

Dear friends and followers:   I’m terribly sorry.   I´ve been absent for months now, and I’ve been detached from the entire musical panorama, thus failing at providing you with news, reviews, etc. It turns out my life as a student has been quite hectic lately, and my community service –unfortunately a horrible obligation for […]