Long overdue apology

Dear friends and followers:


I’m terribly sorry.


I´ve been absent for months now, and I’ve been detached from the entire musical panorama, thus failing at providing you with news, reviews, etc.

It turns out my life as a student has been quite hectic lately, and my community service –unfortunately a horrible obligation for us college students- and my thesis took most of my time during the last six months –six! Dear goodness!

In any case, I’m back.

I promise I haven’t been dillydallying. I’ve seen quite a lot of musicals in my spare time and I’m ready to write some new articles and reviews.

I’ll also try to catch up with the latest announcements concerning musicals, and as soon as I have the info I shall place it here for you to read.

In any case, I’m still looking for people willing to write on this blog with me, so if you’re interested, please do contact me through the blog’s e-mail: shallwedanceblog@hotmail.com. It doesn’t have to be a regular collaborator, but I’d love to have other enthusiast’s analysis and articles here, if you’re willing to share them, even sporadically.

Once again, I apologize wholeheartedly to my readers.

I assure you, I shall make it up to you for your patience!




Verthandi B. Wonka




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