Can you feel the biopic tonight?

eltontomFrom the very start, cinematographic musicals have been one of the most favored vehicles of telling the lives and experiences of big Broadway and Hollywood names. The lives of singers, composers and choreographers have graced the big screen with the added make-believe and charm of musicals.

Now, it seems that the musical biopic will be back pretty soon, as a film depicting the life of Elton John is currently in the works.

The film, called Rocketman will be directed by Michael Gracey –whom is also working on another musical drama called The greatest showman on Earth– and it’s based on a script penned by Lee Hall – the scriptwriter of Billy Elliot and War Horse. It will narrate the conservative upbringing and dazzling success of the singer/composer.

And who will play the rebellious and extravagant star?

Well, according to it will be none other than Tom Hardy. Yes, sir! It seems like Bane will be rocking the glittery costumes and gaudy glasses very soon!

The company Film District seems interested in acquiring the rights for the film in the U.S., so now it’s just a matter of waiting for the production to start.

Are you excited?





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