A great Christmas day for musicals

Les Misérables premiered on December 25th, and it’s already making headlines by becoming the 2nd best Christmas opening gross ever with $ 18,111,665 earned in 2,808 theaters. But how has it been for other musicals?



Well, according to Box Office Mojo, the best opening day for a musical belongs to High School Musical 3: Senior Year, which earned $ 42,030,185. In second place comes Enchanted, with $ 34,440,317, followed by The Muppets in third place, with $ 29,239,026; Mamma Mia!, with $ 27,751,240; and Hairspray with $ 27,476,745.

Thus, it seems like Les Mis will rank as the 6th best opening for a musical, just above Rock of Ages, which scored $ 14,437,169. Currently, it also holds the position 126 for All-time Opening Day Records; and it will probably be amongst the fifty-something position for Opening Day Records of 2012.

All in all, it seems like we’ve had quite an interesting year for cinematographic musicals: “dancical” Step Up Revolution, the cinematographic adaptation of Rock of Ages, the semi-musical Pitch Perfect, and now Les Misérables; have all managed to glide amongst the top grossing films of 2012.

Musicals still don’t earn as much money as big family-oriented productions, but this rare art form still appears from time to time to remind everyone that music and film are “a match made in heaven”.


So, what can we expect for next year?


Well, it seems like animated musicals will continue to be a hit, particularly with the premiere of Dorothy of Oz, featuring Glee-star Lea Michele’s voice.

But don’t despair! Stage-to-screen adaptations of more adult Broadway productions such as Miss Saigon and Wicked are in the works, as well as Jersey boys, Memphis, and others.

For now, Les Misérables is currently in theaters, and the soundtrack containing “highlights” from the film is out there, too.

If you’ve heard it, tell us:



Or, if you’ve seen the movie, hit the comments section below and tell us what you thought about it.










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