Les Mis is 11 days away

Christmas is just around the corner, which means the official premiere of Les Misérables is only days away.

The reviews are emerging swiftly, ranging from “a musical for the ages” to “tasteless bombardment”, but one thing is certain: Tom Hooper’s directing hasn’t convinced most of the critics. Praise has come for many of the actors, especially Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway, both of whom have received nominations for the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards, the Screen Actors Guild Awards and the Golden Globes.


Although Hooper has been nominated for the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards, he is notably absent from the Golden Globe’s list of nominations, meaning that there’s quite a possibility that he’ll be disregarded for the Academy Awards.

In any case, prizes and decorations hardly define the significance of a film, a director, or anyone involved with the production of movies. Yet, there’s an aura of skepticism about Hooper’s directing –shots, angles, the exploitation of emotion, etc.; have been continually pointed out as prominent flaws-, which might be relevant to consider while watching the film.

We’ll have a better insight about these directorial choices with the book Les Misérables: from stage to screen, which will be published in April of 2013 by Applause Theatre & Cinema Books.

In any case, the cast and crew should be overjoyed now that the film’s status as a bigger-than-life experience is being proved.

While you wait, enjoy these new featurettes that will show you the complex production behind the film. Pay special attention to the sneak peak of the new song written for the film, “Suddenly”:




V. Wonka






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