5 new clips from Les Misérables

Christmas has come early, and Santa just brought us 5 snippets of some of the songs from the upcoming musical Les Misérables.

Here they are, folks!



What appreciations do these clips confirm?

– Russell Crowe will struggle for the purists’ acceptance; and, perhaps, Hugh Jackman will too.

– Samantha Barks and Eddie Redmayne seem to be doing a wonderful job.

– Some lyrics have been altered to explain the story better to audiences unfamiliar with it.

– The use of live-singing will definitely alienate some viewers, as well as the heavily operatic nature of the material –but we already knew that.

– There might be some uncomfortable elements in the mise-en-scène, and it’s left to be seen if they’ll overshadow the tone of the film.


As we’ve stated before, we shall try not to pass an early judgment without actually watching the film first. In any case, check out what critics have been hinting about the film here.


And now that you’ve seen the videos, tell us:




V. Wonka.







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