‘I dreamed a dream’ double feature: musical news 26/11/12

Today we bring you news of two upcoming film musicals related to the infamous song “I dreamed a dream”.


Evidently, Les Misérables is the first one of these.

The movie has yet to be released, yet early screenings are already taking place –amongst a bit of controversy, for one of the previews was hosted by Motion Picture Academy President Hawk Koch himself when director Tom Hooper failed to attend-, and although the attendees can’t yet make their assessments public, they’ve already given us some hints as to what to expect.

Thus, according to this early semi-reviews:

– The musical numbers were “shot in close-up and uninterrupted takes

– The male performers are overshadowed by their female companions, and Eddie Redmayne might be the surprising exception to that

Anne Hathaway seems to be the sure candidate for the big award ceremonies

Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohentry to steal the film

– Samantha Barks‘ “On my own” didn’t impress

– The live-on-set element of the musical might be a double-edged sword


Good news? Bad news? Expected news?… We’ll have to wait for December to know. In the meantime, here’s the all-new French poster for the film:



The second upcoming musical film is “I dreamed a dream”, based on the homonymous stage production. The musical tells the story of Susan Boyle, whom sang the title song for Les Misérables during her audition for the talent show Britain’s got talent and consequently won the world’s affection. It was written by Alan McHugh and Elaine C. Smith based on Boyle’s autobiography The woman I was born to be, and it premiered on March of 2012 with Elaine C Smith playing Boyle.

The musical’s rights were bought by Fox Searchlight, and there’s no director or actress yet attached to the project. However, the singer has already stated she’d love to have George Clooney starring as her manager.

Here is the performance that won worldwide recognition for Boyle:




V. Wonka.



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