Latest updates: “Spring Awakening” film and “Les Misérables” soundtrack

During an interview with the songwriter for the stage musical Spring Awakening, Mr. Duncan Sheik, has confirmed that a cinematographic adaptation of the play is in the works. It shall be directed by McG (Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, Terminator Salvation) and filming will probably start next spring.

There’s no news about the casting. However, Sheik believes that the original cast is too old to play the characters, and thus it’s very likely that we shan’t see Lea Michele or Jonathan Groff taking their roles to the big screen.

Spring Awakening opened on Broadway on 2006 after a long run of off-Broadway performances. Lyrics and book belong to Steven Sater, and music was composed by Duncan Sheik; and it won the Best Musical honor during the Tony Awards of 2007. It’s based on the homonymous play created by Frank Wedewick in 1891, and it tells the story of a group of teenagers in nineteenth century Germany whom must face the repressive nature of their society as they awake to sexuality, abuse and suicidal thoughts.

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On the other hand, the soundtrack for the film adaptation of Les Misérables finally has a release date: December 25. That’s right: the same day the movie is set to hit theaters.

No artwork or track listing for the soundtrack has been released. However, since all of the songs are set to be in the film, it’s possible that we shall have either a set of two discs to include them all, or some of the songs might be excluded from the soundtrack and give way to the subsequent release of special and deluxe editions.

For now, enjoy the Japanese posters for Les Mis:





V. Wonka.






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