Second TV Spot for Les Mis


A not-so-new (since it’s an exact replica of another teaser released a month ago) TV spot for Les Misérables has been released today.

It contains most of the scenes we’ve already watched during the first version of the teaser trailer. The innovation with this one is that you’ll catch another glimpse of the fan-favorite Eponine (Samantha Barks), whom we’ve seen briefly during the Behind-the-Scenes featurette released on September. The music featured is, again, I Dreamed a Dream, and –at least according to comments on the YouTube site of the clip- people are already noticing the absence of other songs in these previews.

Indeed, it seems like we’ve already listened to most of the song, which is a pity, since it’s definitely one of the most emotional pieces of the entire score, and, if overused, it might diminish its’ expressive power once the film is released.


V. Wonka.




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