New posters for Les Mis

Halloween is over and Christmas is fast approaching, and nothing like two new posters from Les Misérables to remind you.

Just like we predicted, the new posters reveal the faces of the infamous Thénardiers (Baron Cohen and Bonham Carter), as well as Marius’ (Eddie Redmayne).

 The first poster depicts the much anticipated roles of the lovable duo of the Thénardier scoundrels with the tagline “Master of the House”, from their title song. Carter’s Madame Thénardier looks very much like a wild maenad with fruits in her messy hair, whilst Cohen seems to conjure cynicism and disinterest.  Hopefully they’ll share the same astonishing comedic chemistry of previous performers, like Matt Lucas and Jenny Galloway.

In the second poster, Redmayne’s Marius is accompanied by Seyfried’s Cosette, being the only main character without an individual announcement yet. The poster of the lovers -a stunning and delicate shot of both of them slightly separated by intricate bars- shares the same tagline as that of Cosette’s.

Should we expect more posters with supporting characters?

Now that the top billed cast has been publicized, the next posters (if others are, indeed, released) might present the secondary characters in larger groups, as happened with Redmayne’s Marius. Hopefully this won’t mean that beloved characters will be shabbily treated in the filmic version to better showcase the popular actors.

The Thénardiers have been previously played in the stage versions by Leo Burmester and Jennifer Butt, Alun Armstrong and Susan Jane Tanner, and Yvan Dautin and Marie-France Roussel. Marius has been played by David Bryant, Michael Ball, Gilles Buhlmann, and, most recently, by pop singer Nick Jonas.



V. Wonka.



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