“The last five years” has a Cathy

According to Moviehole.net, Anna Kendrick has landed the role of Cathy in the cinematographic adaptation of the stage musical The Last Five Years.

The show premiered in Chicago in 2001, opened Off-Broadway the following year, and will be revived in 2013, also Off-Broadway.

The story, which tells the story of a couple’s tumultuous relationship -from first date to their failed matrimony- has quite an interesting and very particular structure, for it’s told simultaneously by both members of the romantic duo (namely, Jamie and Cathy), but with a different order of events: Cathy’s narration commences just after the end of their marriage and ends with their first date, years before; whilst Jamie tells the story in chronological order. In addition, the storytelling remains separated during most of the musical, and only meets in the middle during the character’s wedding.

The musical was written by Jason Robert Brown, based on his own experiences.

The role of Cathy has been performed previously by Lauren Kennedy and Sherie Rene Scott.



V .Wonka.




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