New poster: Inspector Javert appears

The third poster for Les Misérables has been unleashed, this time showing Inspector Javert as played by Russell Crowe.  The release of this poster continues the string of individual advertisement for the main characters. It’s very likely that we’ll soon have bills for the roles of Fantine, Cosette, Éponine, etc.

Unlike actors Jackman, Hathaway and Seyfried, actor Russell Crowe has not been involved in either Broadway or cinematographic musicals before. However, he has been part of rock bands and collaborated with friends to compose and cover songs. This might actually be helpful for Crowe’s performance as Javert, considering his part needs the rasp quality of rock singers.

The role has been played on stage by singer-actors Norm Lewis, Roger Allam, Terrence Mann and Jean Vallée.

I must confess I’ve been quite worried about Crowe’s execution as Javert, since he must be thoroughly intimidating, not only in manners but also through the use of his voice, as he represents Valjean’s coldhearted and unyielding nuisance. Crowe’s lack of experience in musicals is quite daunting, yet I must admit I’ve been surprised before by non-musical performers’ takes on musical roles. As old-Hollywood taught us once: all you need is charm and charisma to sell it.

I guess come December we shall see.








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