Les Misérables has a new poster

Using a ‘retweeting’ initiative through Twitter, the marketing team behind “Les Misérables” has premiered a new poster for the cinematographic version of the musical, showing the character Jean Valjean as played by Hugh Jackman.

The character has been previously portrayed in stage versions by singers Maurice Barrier, Colm Wilkinson, John Owen-Jones and, most recently, Alfie Boe, in the special concert for the 25th Anniversary of the musical (2010). Liam Neeson also played Valjean in a non-musical adaptation of the book by Victor Hugo, premiered in 1998.

Hugh Jackman is a strong singer and actor, and has starred in many blockbusters such as X-men (2000) and Van Helsing (2004), as well as popular dramas like The Prestige (2006). He has played roles from Broadway musicals such as Carousel and The Boy from Oz, earning a Tony Award for the latter; and has been involved in TV adaptations of musicals such as Oklahoma! (1999), and animated musicals like Happy Feet (2006).

With this curriculum, it’s left to be seen if Jackman’s vocals and charisma will be convincing enough to move the audience as he takes on one of the most challenging roles for any singer-actor.






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